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Bete Medhane Alem in Lalibela

Resembling a massive Greek temple more than a traditional Ethiopian church, Bet Medhane Alem (House of the Saviour of the World) is impressive for its size and majesty. Said to be the largest rock-hewn church in the world, it measures 33.5m by 23.5m and is over 11.5m high…

Bete Emmanuel

Biete Amanuel is an underground monolith church carved into rock. It is located in Lalibela, Ethiopia. It was created during the Kingdom of Axum.It is part of UNESCO World Heritage Site at Lalibela. Biete Amanuel (House of Emmanuel) is possibly the former royal chapel.

Bete Abba Libanos

Bet Abba Libanos is hewn into a rock face and is unique among Lalibela’s churches in that it’s a hypogeous church. In English, that means only the roof and floor remain attached to the strata. Like Bet Amanuel, many of its architectural features, such as the friezes, are Aksumite…


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